Sunday 16 April 2017

A Wrap Up: March 2017

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Today's post is a (slightly belated) wrap up of the month. March was another great reading (and purchasing!) month for me. Here's what I got through, and a brief opinion or two on each. What did you read this month? What was your favourite book of March? Let me know!

Morgan matson’s the unexpected everything 
4 stars

This book was really enjoyable - I loved the friendship dynamics and the sense of family relationships intertwined with grief. For me it wasn't quite the amazing read I was expecting because I didn't feel there was a whole lot of chemistry between the main love interests which is a huge no-no for me.

Angelini josephine’s firewalker
4.5 stars

This is the second in a trilogy about world-jumping and witchcraft! This isn't my go-to genre at all, but I adored this trilogy. This was the weakest of the three for me, mainly because there was less sense of magic (much of the book was spent in the normal world) and not enough flirting between Rowan and Lily!!

Angelini josephine’s witch’s pyre
5 stars

The final in the same trilogy. A wonderful end to the story. Rowan and Lily are one of my favourite couples I've read so far this year! I would highly recommend this series to everybody, even if the fantasy elements aren't something you'd usually go for.

Lara avery’s the memory book
4.5 stars

I really enjoyed this story. I really, really cared about Sammie; she was funny and self-deprecating. I loved loved loved Coop's character (totally saw it coming, though). I definitely would have liked more of Maddie's character, though.

Freya north’s the way back home
3 stars

To me this sounded like it would be so much better than it was - an adult We Were Liars, if you will. But, in reality, it was very slow. I enjoyed learning about the relationship between Malachy, Jed and Oriana, but the action took far too long to get going and when the secret of the summer when they were teenagers was finally revealed, it wasn't exciting enough to have been drawn out for so long.

John marrs’ the one
4 stars

This was a book (not sure if it has been released just yet or not, should be imminent, I think) given to me by a friend who had two copies, so thank you for that lovely - if you're reading! I was expecting a sort of dystopian society read, but it was actually in real life, which made it way creepier. I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would, and the numerous different perspectives were handled uniquely enough to justify having them all present. Thoroughly enjoyed and would highly recommend a purchase.

Claire douglas’ the sisters
4 stars

This book was hella creepy. The sense of paranoia in it was so, so strong - engineered perfectly. The double perspective worked really well, meaning you never know which narrator you can trust - if either! The last page was a killer, loved it!

Gillian flynn’s gone girl
4.5 stars

I was really hesitant about reading this, because I unfortunately already knew the big twist, considering how much hype the book (and, later, the movie) has had. But when I saw it in a charity shop, I decided to go for it. I'm really glad I did. I loved the development of Nick's voice, I found myself becoming more and more interested in/sympathetic of him. The second twist I didn't see coming - so that was a great surprise. I'd recommend a read even if you know the twist!!

Nicci cloke’s follow me back
3.5 stars

This book wasn't quite all I wanted it to be. It certainly had the creepy elements to it, and the use of social media was as effective as always, but I couldn't connect with any of the characters on a deeper level, meaning I felt like an observer, instead of a participant with feelings towards situations/people. On the plus side, I didn't predict any of the three twists, so that's always a good sign with a book, and that's what also gained this read the extra half a star!

Annabel pitcher’s ketchup clouds
4 stars

I really enjoyed this book - although it wasn't at all what I thought it would based on the blurb. Zoe's narrative voice was incredibly well written and sympathetic. The storyline is vaguely reminiscent of Dangerous Boys, but this is far better, in my opinion. I think I may try My Sister Lives On The Mantelpiece by this author, because I like her writing a lot.

Kristina mcbride’s one moment
4 stars

This is one of many "group of friends where someone dies and friend loses all of their memories so mystery ensues and they must figure out what happened and OF COURSE there's lots of hidden secrets about the dead friend" stories. If you like that sort of thing, like me, you'll love this, because it's a very well written version of that story. Very sympathetic, relatable protagonist at the centre and some great revelations.

Well, that's it for the month of March!! My favourite reads would definitely be finishing off the World Walker trilogy at the start of the month - you really should read them!!

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