Wednesday 17 October 2018

A Wrap Up: October 2018 Part One

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Today's post is going to be the first half of my monthly reading wrap-up. October is a month I usually try to reserve for "spooky" reads, for obvious reasons but to be honest, 2018 has really taught me that I just don't enjoy thrillers that much, especially adult fiction ones. I do like reading dark books, but I prefer that darkness with a contemporary backdrop, really. But, I did get to some of my somewhat-creepy reads regardless. Here we go...

Estelle Laure’s But Then I Came Back
3 stars

I really enjoyed the writing style of this book - it's a bit quirky, and I imagine it probably isn't everybody's cup of tea, but it reminded me vaguely of Jandy Nelson, which is always a HUGE tick from me!! Unfortunately, though, despite it being an interesting plot too, I really just couldn't connect with this book. It seemed to take me just days and days to read; every time I picked it up, I only read about 20-30 pages.

Becky Albertalli & Adam Silvera’s What If It’s Us
 4 stars

Disclaimer: I received this arc, for free & from the publishers, via NetGalley.
It's very strange to rate a book 4 stars and also say that I'm quite disappointed by it. I guess that means this is a low 4-star rating, really. There's definitely nothing wrong with this book at all (it's adorable, set in that New York backdrop that Adam Silvera writes so well, amazing friendship dynamics explored, too) I think I had just over-hyped it in my head too much and the real thing just couldn't quite match up!!

Holly Black’s The Cruel Prince
 5 stars

This book has SO much hype and I’m so glad to say that I felt it’s well-deserved!! I was scared it would be one of those reads that was a huge letdown. But no – the world-building was excellent, the characters were interesting and engaging, I feel so invested in both Faerie and its inhabitants. Also, I know he’s sort of 80% repellent, but I love Cardan…

Katharine McGee’s The Towering Sky
3 stars
Disclaimer: I received this arc, for free & from the publishers, via NetGalley.

Well, as much as I enjoy this futuristic Gossip Girl-esque world, I'm not too keen on the plotting - basically I don't think there needed to be three books AT ALL!! I do have a bit of a soft spot for the protagonists though (although I wish they were a little more empowered, Avery in particular), and I think I enjoyed book three more than two, but one is still probably my favourite. A cool, twisty ending.

Shea Ernshaw’s The Wicked Deep
4 stars

I love a witch-y book; it's my favourite kind of fantasy and this didn't let me down at all. Also, with the importance of the ocean in this book, it felt almost mermaid-esque, too, which made me love it even more!! The majority of the book was a 5-star read for me until the plot twist, really. I did predict the plot twist, but I still think it in itself was great - it's just that after that was revealed, I felt like things got a bit dramatic and less atmospheric. I can't wait to read more of this author's writing in the future!

Sue Wallman’s Your Turn To Die
2.5-3 stars

This is my least favourite Sue Wallman book so far, sadly. It didn't have the awesome setting & atmosphere of the previous two I've read. I also found the plot twist, whilst interesting, a little melodramatic; especially considering the second it was revealed, the ghost story at the centre of the entire novel was pushed to one side vaguely. Definitely not much of a fan of this one.

Sara Holland’s Everless
4 stars

I can't believe how much I'm enjoying reading fantasy and dystopian this month - it's a revelation!!! This was another incredibly complex world, explained with diligence and care. I liked a lot of the characters at the novel's core too, which is pretty unusual for me in these kind of books (I have often, in the past, found protagonists in this genre to be kind of insufferable!) and the plot twist at the end was great.

Megan Miranda’s Fragments of the Lost
3.5 stars

I enjoyed the atmosphere and claustrophobia of this YA thriller, particularly the scenes were Jessa was alone, in Caleb's bedroom, happening across items and clues and remembering her relationship. I think towards the end, when the plot began to turn and darker things were revealed, it all got a little dramatic for me. I think that's a common thing with my reading taste - as soon as things get serious and melodramatic, I just instantly lose interest - isn't it supposed to be the exact opposite of that?! This is why I wasn't made to read thrillers!!!

Liane Moriarty’s Nine Perfect Strangers
 4 stars

If you've been reading my blog posts for a while, you'll probably know how much I adore Liane Moriarty's writing. She is always the author whose books I end up recommending to people. This was no exception; funny, clever, emotive and engaging, wonderful characters who came to life instantly and some interesting (if a bit melodramatic) twists and turns!!

Melissa Albert’s The Hazel Wood
 3.5 stars

The first 200 pages of this book were so atmospheric and creepy and perfect for reading in October; I found the characters and the world-building and the tension really entertaining and interesting. Unfortunately the final 150 pages got SO confusing for me – I don’t know if it’s just because I’m not usually much of a fantasy reader so it all went a bit above my head, but I just got so lost and because it felt so complex and weird, I lost interest and engagement, sadly.

So those are the books in my first half of the monthly reading wrap up!! I got through so many cool books so far in October and I'm looking forward to reading some more fantasy (SO weird for me, Contemporary-Obsessive, to feel this way!!!).

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  1. So many people have told me I need to read The Cruel Prince, but I just haven't yet... glad to see you liked it though!

  2. The Cruel Prince has been one of my favourite read this year. The world building and the story was amazing. Upon reading your thoughts on The Wicked Deep makes me want to pick the book right away :)

    Fatina Mudz