Wednesday 6 February 2019

An Unhaul: February 2019

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Today's post is an unhaul, where I show you guys which books I'm donating to charity this month. I have a small stack for February, of books that I have read and not been too keen on; I always like to donate my books to my local charity shops, because I'm sure they'll find a more appreciative bookworm's shelves to sit on!!

Hope by Rhian Ivory - This book had some good points (university rejection, anxiety about the future, hospital setting) but overall it was a disappointment for me. My main problem with it was the way the romance felt just so chucked in there, for the sake of it.

Copycat by Alex Lake - I don't really have anything particularly negative to say about this book other than the actual twist/reveal at the end was a little crappy as far as I was concerned. But the main reason I'm ditching this one is I'm even less interested in thrillers now than I was a year or two ago, and I'm not interested in rereading/keeping these books at all.

Black-Eyed Susans by Julia Heaberlin - Similarly to Copycat, this was another dark, creepy book that wasn't badly written or anything along those lines, I just personally didn't massively enjoy it and I don't see the point in keeping it any longer. I'm sure somebody who loves a good thriller/murder mystery will be really chuffed to find this on the shelves of a charity shop!!

Dramarama by e. lockhart - This is a book I bought and read quite a while ago now. I've considered unhauling it on the past like five occasions I've sorted through my shelves. I literally barely remember a single detail about it, but my Goodreads review tells me that I didn't like it much because it was just a whole bunch of obnoxiousness.

Your Turn To Die by Sue Wallman - This is definitely my least favourite Sue Wallman books; I didn't like any of the characters, I found the "mystery" throughout to be entirely uninteresting. The plot twist was unexpected but overall the novel felt 50% dull and 50% melodramatic.

 So those are the books I'm donating this month - are you ditching any?? Let me know by leaving a comment down below!

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