Wednesday 11 April 2018

A Reshuffle & Unhaul: April 2018

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I recently acquired a third bookshelf...I know, I know, it's getting out of hand, right?! Anyway, this meant a complete furniture reshuffle and a total reorganisation of my entire, glorious rainbow of books. I should say that I can take literally ZERO credit for the building of the latest shelf (or the other two, for that matter) - my amazing parents did it for me!! It also forced me to get another pile of books together to donate to the charity shop, with the hopes that somebody else might love them more than I did. Here's some photographic evidence of the whole bookish affair...

 (Otherwise known as, the stash.)

(Authors, feel free to shoutout your books if you can spot them!!)

And this is the final, BEAUTIFUL, if I do say so myself, result.....

I am LITERALLY obsessed with the way they look - even if we did have to move some quite substantial furniture around to get this result... thanks again, mum & dad!!

This is the pile of books I'm donating for now, but there are a few more I've got my eye on to unhaul in the next few months... (the second smaller pile are a few books I bought for dissertation research that I didn't find helpful!)

To keep it brief; I'm donating This Is Not A Love Story because I felt as though nearly all of the characters lacked charisma & chemistry and I was borderline bored reading it, Love Falls there wasn't anything especially wrong with but I know I'll never reread it and it was taking up valuable space, Room Empty was a hugely problematic depiction of mental illness in my opinion, Cruel Summer was super melodramatic and had no sympathetic characters for me personally, Cell 7 just felt totally circular and didn't entertain me at all. We Are Family & Nobody's Girl were both DNFs for me, so no  more really needs to be said!! If you want any more detail on my opinions on these unhauled books, add me as a friend/follow my reviews on goodreads here.

So that was my recent reorganising and unhauling experience! Let me know if you've had a spring clean of your book shelves yet, in the comments section down below!!

Till next time