Thursday 19 October 2017

A Tag: Harry Potter!

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I was recently tagged by Amy to do the Harry Potter tag, and if you've been reading here for a while, you'll know I jumped at the chance! Funnily enough, I'm actually writing this entire blog post for the second time because I accidentally deleted the first - I swear I'm not still bitter about that...anyway, I've read a few people's tags and they have a variety of questions, so I mixed up my favourites to get these ones. Hope you enjoy!

1. what is your patronus?

Well, according to Pottermore, my Patronus is an otter. Now, I know that's the same as Hermione which is pretty cool, but I just don't think it makes any sense for me as a person, really! I think I'd probably have a cat, or failing that an Andrex puppy.

2. would you be a pure-blood, half-blood or muggle-born?

I did try a few online quizzes to determine this, but they seemed pretty inaccurate so I'm going to work with common sense here...I have one parent who loves Harry Potter and one who doesn't have any interest in it at all so, half-blood?!

3. what job would you want to have after graduating from Hogwarts?

I think once you've been to Hogwarts, you'd never want to leave (or I certainly wouldn't anyway!) so I'd be tempted to say a teacher of some sort at Hogwarts. Failing that, I suppose being Senior Undersecretary to Kingsley as the Minister would be pretty fun.

4. which of the deathly hallows would you choose?

The cloak, without a doubt!! The Elder Wand really doesn't hold any appeal to me and the Stone actually terrifies me, just like the Mirror of Erised did - too dangerous, like Dumbledore says, you could get addicted to them.

5. least favourite film?

For this I have to say Order of the Phoenix. It isn't a bad film necessarily, it's just that the book is SO incredibly detailed and glorious that the film really falls short in comparison (probably because the book is the longest, so the most is missing).

6. least favourite character?

Obviously, as possibly every single Harry Potter fan ever would say, I despise Dolores Umbridge with a passion. But for me, Bellatrix Lestrange was always the most horrendous villain in the entire book. She always frightened me the most, more than Voldemort, and I think that's mainly because of the storyline involving Neville's parents, Frank & Alice Longbottom. What she did to them was just horrific, and the scene where Harry, Ron & Hermione run into Neville visiting them in hospital on Christmas Day just breaks my heart every time I read it. I definitely think it should've been included in the film.

7. favourite character?

This is so difficult! I've always had a real soft spot for Dobby, and his death might just be my most-sad. I also adore Dumbledore - I think it's mostly scenes with him speaking in which make me cry or give me goosebumps. I also love the Ron & Molly Weasley so much. And the twins. Damn. I can never stick to just one!!!

8. favourite Hogwarts teacher?

I'd definitely have to say McGonagall. She is just so sassy and incredibly intelligent and actually really, really funny! I love the kind of exasperated respect she has for Dumbledore and her constant frustration yet affection for Harry. Also, I think she's one of the few characters who really appreciates and encourages Hermione's intelligence and independence throughout, which I love. I also have a soft spot for Hagrid as a teacher too - he's just adorable.

9. do you have any unpopular opinions about the series?

I've spoken about this before here, I think, but I never really understood the romance between Harry and Ginny. I thought it sort of came out of nowhere in terms of Harry's feelings. I don't know, maybe it's because romance just isn't a huge part of the stories and so it feels a bit irritating at times, but I love Ron and Hermione so who knows?! Ginny's character is one I never connected with, so maybe it's that issue, too.

10. if you could save one character from the final battle, who would it be?

I have to say Fred Weasley. His death (alongside Dobby & Dumbledore) is right up there with my most tragic deaths. I still can't quite believe J.K. Rowling killed Fred off. Also, Lupin always wounds me.

11. what house are you in?

Hufflepuff and proud!!!

12. what would your boggart be?

Probably pretty similar to Molly Weasley's to be honest - wouldn't that be everybody's?! But failing that, probably clowns.

13. favourite book?

This is SO difficult! I guess I'd probably say Deathly Hallows because there are just so many goosebump-moments in it. But it is lacking some serious Dumbledore loveliness, so that's one con.

14. least favourite book?

I really don't have a least-favourite, but I'll say Philosopher's Stone purely because it's the shortest and therefore over the quickest and the least magical goodness!!

So that's it! If you're a Harry Potter fan too, then I tag you to answer these questions for yourself! Send me a link when you've done it - I'd love to read it! Please leave a comment down below!

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