Wednesday 14 February 2018

Some Recommendations: Valentine's Reads

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Today's post is just a brief one, recommending some of my favourite romantic reads for this Valentine's season!! I think there are plenty of great books out there that don't include romance, but if you're looking for something cute or soppy to read today of all days, then here are my favourites!

I'm not going to talk about each book individually, because they all have similar merits/virtues and I love them all. I've tried to really give a mixture, in terms of diversity, but if you want to recommend even more diverse books, then please let me know down below in the comments section.

These books all have super special elements; positive, loving relationships, great humour but, weirdly, considering it's Valentine's Day and this is a lovey-dovey kinda post, they are all something more than just a love story (which for me has become more and more of a necessity). 
Carry On and Trial By Fire are my two non-contemporary picks; Carry On is basically an incredibly cool Harry Potter-style story about two guys at a magic school who "hate" each other (its masked chemistry, basically) and Trial By Fire is the first in a witchy trilogy, where Lily and Rowan, our protagonists, have the most awesome chemistry!!
Autoboyography is another story of two guys who fall in love with one another; Sebastian is a closeted gay Mormon and Tanner is openly, happily bisexual. The story deals really well with unrequited love, friendships, writing, religion & family dynamics. 
Alex, Approximately is a really fun contemporary romance that you can definitely get through in one sitting on Valentine's Day. Not only is it a super entertaining story, but it also deals with anxiety, phobias, mistaken identity & familial relationships. I have a full review uploaded here
Finally, I'll Give You The Sun. Where to begin with this book?! I plan to reread both this and The Sky Is Everywhere this year to make my final decision but, for right now, I'm actually saying that this is my favourite YA book of all time...I cannot even describe how beautiful it is. It has gay representation, a twin relationship, dealing with grief, growing up, falling in love for the first time... just read it, please!! You can read my full review here.

Those are just a few of my favourite romantic reads, but if you want to get some more suggestions, take a look at my other full reviews posted here or add me on goodreads!! Like I said before, please leave your Valentine's Day recommendations down below!

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