Wednesday 23 May 2018

An Unhaul: May 2018

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Today's post is an unhaul - I'm becoming more and more satisfied by the process of clearing out my book shelves and sending books off to people who might love them more than me - donating to charity shops is the best way to do this, knowing that you're also raising money for a great cause somewhere along the line!! Here are the books I've unhauled this month and why...

Isabelle Rae’s When Summer Ends

This book focuses on a student-teacher relationship of sorts, but it didn't really give me the ick for that reason (it's not the sort of classic, creepy set-up, although obviously still weird). I believe this book is self-published, and it certainly reads like that - it felt sort of like reading fan fiction, actually. I don't have a huge problem with that, and I'm certainly not a snob about that sort of thing AT ALL, but I just felt this narrative was too dense and repetitive and at times felt rather immature.

Jennifer E. Smith’s The Geography of You and Me

Although the concept behind this book is really cool, I unfortunately don't think it was written to its full potential. I seem to either like or really dislike Jennifer E. Smith's books - some of them are cute and nostalgic and others are just bland. This one unfortunately falls into the latter category - almost completely lacking in chemistry, tension, cuteness...the "romance" just felt totally dull to me.

Sarah Alexander’s The Art of Not Breathing

This story was good in theory, but the execution let it down, unfortunately. Elsie, our protagonist, was a little irritating for me, and she also read as a lot younger than she actually was, which is a bit of a pet-peeve for me when reading. The romance was totally lacking in chemistry and for about half of the narrative, the love interest disappears. A male character with an eating disorder was represented here, which I really appreciated, but otherwise, I wish I had just DNF-ed this one, to be honest.

Teresa Toten’s Beware That Girl

This book was a huge let down for me, actually. Keeping in mind it's called "Beware that GIRL", our supposed female antagonist isn't really that at all - she's certainly the most interesting character of them all, but if you're looking for her to be badass and cunning, you're probably going to be disappointed, too. Also, the male character here is just so creepy and disgusting. I just don't understand what this book was trying to do.

Katie Cotugno’s How To Love

I had ISSUES with this book. ISSUES. It's actually a real shame, because I so enjoy Katie Cotugno's writing style (and I think that's why I've been so reluctant to unhaul this book, despite reading it quite a while ago now and disliking it so much). The relationship in this book is just incredibly unhealthy to me, the male love interest being possibly my least favourite ever?!? There was no real character development between the past and present perspectives of him, either.

I'd love to hear your opinions on these books, if you've read them - please do leave a comment down below! What books have you unhauled recently??

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