Wednesday 31 October 2018

A Tag: Halloween Books

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Today I thought I'd do something seasonally appropriate, and after a little research, I found this Halloween Book tag, first created by Naomi TheBookLover over on YouTube, so be sure to check out her original video. Here goes...

1. Carving Pumpkins: What Book Would You Carve Up and Light On Fire?

There are definitely a couple of contenders here but I'm going to go with Obsession by Amanda Robson. It's an Adult fiction "thriller" that I read last year. I don't like to really berate a book (unless it  is problematic or offensive somehow, which this wasn't) because as a writer I understand how important people's stories are to them, but this really fell way short of the standard I would expect from a published thriller. At no time did it read as thrilling or exciting and it had me actually cringing throughout, sadly.

2. Trick or Treat: Which character is a trick and Which is a Treat?

For "trick" I've decided to go for the ultimate snake I read about this year and that is Locke from The Cruel Prince. I can't lie, I did slightly see his betrayal coming but MAN was I still so angry when it happened!! As far as treats go, one of my absolute favourite characters I discovered this year would absolutely be Frankie from Freshers by Tom Ellen & Lucy Ivison - she is probably one of the most hilarious characters I've ever come across.

3. Candy Corn: What Book is Always Sweet?

One of the cutest, most classic YA contemporaries for me has to be Stephanie Perkins's Anna and the French Kiss. The romance never fails to make me beam and swoon. In fact, I really want to reread some Stephanie Perkins in 2019; I miss her contemporary writing!!

4. Ghosts – Which Character Would You Love to Visit You as a Ghost?

Without a doubt, Albus Dumbledore. I mean, Dobby would also be an amazing visitor, but I just feel like Dumbledore would have so many pearls of wisdom and would absolutely make me feel better about everything bad happening. He has this soothing wisdom & kindness even within the pages of books, so I can't imagine how amazing he would be in real life!

5. Dressing up in Costume – What Character Would You Want to be for a Day?

Most of the books, and characters, I love the most are contemporaries and so they aren't necessarily fantastical worlds or people that I would want to experience/meet. I suppose really I would just want to be some random, happy Hufflepuff, enjoying Hogwarts and magic without all of the danger!!

6. Witches & Wizards – What is Your Favourite Harry Potter Moment?

I have so many favourite moments; I couldn't just pick one out as being above all of the rest. One special one, amongst many, that does come to mind immediately is, in The Deathly Hallows, after Harry has killed Voldemort and the war is over, he goes to the Headmaster's office and all of the portraits are applauding him, but he is described as only having eyes for one man - Dumbledore's portrait is in the middle and he is clapping too, as he cries. It's SO BEAUTIFUL. I weep every single time I read the sentence. 

7. Blood & Gore – What Book was So Creepy You Had to Take A Break From it For A While?

I don't read books that are creepy for the most part to be honest, because they really aren't to my taste, so I can't answer this question entirely accurately. I find the type of books I have to take breaks from sometimes are those that are incredibly emotionally hard-hitting and dark in a different way; things like T.E. Carter's I Stop Somewhere, Amy Reed's The Nowhere Girls, Lisa Heathfield's Paper Butterflies and so on.

So those are my answers to the Halloween Book Tag questions!! I tag anybody reading this who is interested in answering them to do just that! Be sure to let me know if you do; I'd really love to read your answers.

Till next time