Wednesday 17 January 2018

A Goal: Rereading In 2018

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If you read my recent 2018 Resolutions post, you'll know that I committed to rereading books this year. This post is basically a chance to show you guys the books I plan to reread this month; either because I read them a couple of years ago and ADORED them or because I read them a couple of years ago and have totally forgotten them/and why I rated them as I did. I want to see if my ratings are the same now, and if not, why! At the end of 2018, I'll do a Reread Wrap Up to discuss my thoughts with you!! What are you planning to reread this year? Let me know in the comments section down below!

2016 favourites

These were some of the 5-star books I read in 2016 and in fact, The Sky Is Everywhere, Fangirl & I'll Give You The Sun are in my Top 5 YA books of ALL TIME! I really want to reread these novels just to enjoy their wonderfulness once again. I'm also terrified to reread them in case they aren't as good the second time around...I've read some interesting things about All The Bright Places since reading it, so I'm super interested to see if I still love the story/characters this time around.

Series I need to finish

These are two series I've started and LOVED in the past couple of years but for some reason still haven't gotten around to finishing - Amy Ewing's The Lone City & Catherine Doyle's Blood for Blood! But because I read these books for the most part back in 2016, I really need to reread them before I attempt the last books, which I haven't even bought yet!!! I also need to buy Vendetta (Book 1 in the Blood for Blood series) because I took it out from the library to read and went ahead and got book two in physical copy - oops!

The books that nearly made it

These are books that I read over the last few years and gave really great reviews/ratings to, but that never quite reached that 5-star area. I read The Perks Of Being A Wallflower at least four or five years ago, so that will probably be the most interesting/different reread of the lot and I read History Is All You Left Me most recently (and gave it 4.5 stars) so perhaps I'm just using this as an excuse to reread Adam Silvera's loveliness.

A forgotten series

This is a series I read just at the stage that I really got back into reading again, probably three or four years ago, if I'm remembering correctly - Estelle Maskame's Did I Mention I Love You?. I'm pretty sure I, in retrospect, when adding these to my "read" shelves, gave this trilogy between 3-4 stars, but realistically I can't remember a lot about the stories! Also, since being involved in blogging and reading/watching lots of reviews, I haven't really heard anything about these books, so it should be interesting to reread them.

So these are the books I have earmarked for rereads in 2018. I'm hoping to get few a couple a month, but some months I may not be in the mood for rereading and others I may get through a load of them! Keep an eye out for my goodreads reviews of each and every one here and I will also mention any of them I get to in my monthly wrap-up posts here. Until then, happy reading or rereading!

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