Saturday 17 March 2018

A Tag: Aesthetically Pleasing Books

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Today's post is all about appreciating how gorgeous books are - now, don't get me wrong, what's on the inside definitely matters more, but so many books are so pretty that it seems almost unfair not to celebrate them for it!! This tag was created by Book Syrup on YouTube, so go there to check out the original! There's only one question I haven't answered which was "best map", because I only have one or two books that have maps in them and to me at least they're not particularly special, so I figured it was more accurate to avoid that question altogether!! Anyway, on with the appreciation!

1. best colour combo on a front cover

This is actually one of my favourite book covers in my entire collection. The colours of the sky are just so completely beautiful, I adore it!! Also, I only recently noticed that the guys are stood on a book...I thought it was a tent before and I was like, "it's a pretty cover, but why does it have a tent on it?!"...clearly I'm dimmer than I realised!!

2. best font on a front cover

Okay, so I realise at this point that it seems like I'll just use any excuse to advertise Jandy Nelson's writing, but I really do love the handwritten/painted look of her typography (it's lovely on The Sky Is Everywhere, too). All of my favourite book cover fonts are the handwritten type, actually. I really love metallic fonts, too.

3. best simple cover

I knew I wanted to mention this cover at some point in this tag, because it's one of my favourites!! I actually ended up not enjoying the story itself that much, but I still think it is so gorgeous! I love the metallic foil.

4. best end pages

 I thought I was going to have to miss this question out too until I happened across these gorgeous pages in Sara Holland's Everless - I haven't even read this book yet, but it's pretty nevertheless!

5. best naked hardback

These books don't actually have dust-jackets at all, so they're always in their birthday suits, but I think they are so, so beautiful. I've collected a few of my favourite classics in this form so far. They are the Penguin Hardcover Classics and in the UK I know for sure you can get them in Waterstones and on Wordery.

6. best back cover

Again, I really wasn't much of a fan of this book, but the cover and back are so beautiful!! I love a good blurb, but a mysterious, tiny quote and lots of gorgeous foiling are equally as desirable!!

7. best chapter headers

I really love chapters that are marked with famous quotes. I don't see it too often, but when I do, it's something I really look forward to with each chapter that comes. This is a gorgeous example from Jenn Bennett's Alex, Approximately. (There are also quotes from some of my FAVOURITE movies ever; Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You & Harry Potter).

8. best illustrations

I was going to say Jim Kay's Harry Potter illustrated editions here, because they are by far the most sensational illustrations I have ever seen, but I wanted to talk about that for a different answer, so I'm being strict with myself! These illustrations by Simini Blocker within Rainbow Rowell's Almost Midnight are so beautiful, I adore them.

9. best spine

These may not look particularly special, but they are spines that always catch my eye on my shelf. The sky in its multitude of colours is one of the prettiest things in the world to me, so these are great; I love the silhouettes, too.

10. favourite cover

This cover is SO beautiful. I can't even. It speaks for itself!!!
(If you want to read about this illustrated edition in more detail, you should check out Richard's awesome blog post here - he's also written about the first two illustrated editions alongside this one - be sure to follow him whilst you're there, he's great!)

So there's a celebration of beautiful book covers! I'd love to hear your answers, so, TAG, you're it!!

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