Wednesday 21 March 2018

A Tag: I Love Spring

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Today's post is going to be a spring book tag, created by booktubers Helene Jeppeson and Amanda from mysecretbookclub; definitely check out their original videos, too. I know I only just posted a tag on Saturday - usually I wouldn't post two in a row, but as I'm still recovering from a recent operation, I'm kind of trying to stick to easier/slightly less imaginative/brain power-necessary stuff! Besides that, I figure two tags in a row are better than no posts at all, right?! Apologies also for not using my own photos here - for some reason my blog wasn't cooperating with photograph uploads! Anyway, on with the seasonal book appreciation...

1. how is spring where you live?

Well, traditionally in the UK, spring is pretty rainy, to be honest. Temperatures are usually still a little chilly, otherwise mild. Some nice sunshine-y days, if we're lucky! But weather aside, spring is one of my favourite times of the year - my birthday, Easter eggs and life blooming all around - what's not to love?!

2. most anticipated book release this spring?

I'm pretty excited for Victoria Aveyard's War Storm to be published in May - I had such low expectations for the Red Queen series when I started it last year, because everybody seems to hate on it so much, but I've really enjoyed the first three books so I'm excited for the fourth. I think Becky Albertalli's Leah On The Offbeat is being released in April (unless I'm remembering that TOTALLY wrong) and I can't wait to read that. 

3. a book cover that makes you think of spring

4. where are you going to read this spring?

It probably won't be warm enough to read outside in the UK for a good few months yet, and considering I'm coming up to the end of my last year of university (sob) I'll probably just be reading during work-breaks, most likely on the sofa. Ever since my surgery a few weeks ago, I haven't been able to have baths, so I may end up reading like five books in one bubble bath very soon - fingers crossed!!

5. find a cover with the sun on it.

...and you guys thought I wouldn't find a way to mention Jandy Nelson during this underestimate me!

6. what are you favourite spring reads?

I don't really read seasonally during spring and autumn, honestly; I would love Stephanie Perkins to put together an anthology for both, to make the set complete!! Maybe I gravitate more towards summery reads during spring, because I start to get excited for warmer weather and holidays and freedom from work!!

7. find a colourful book.

8. who do you tag?

As always, I don't like to tag exclusively and make people feel left out - so, with that in mind, I tag literally anybody reading this who feels like doing this tag!! Be sure to tweet me your answers - @ECbookblog. 

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