Wednesday 26 September 2018

An Unhaul: September 2018

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Today I wanted to share with you guys the books I've decided to donate to charity - I actually prepared this post and donated the books back in August, but because I'm a tad behind on blogging at the moment, I'm just now getting this up!! 

Sarah Mlynowski's Don't Even Think About It has such a cool premise (your every thought on broadcast for others to hear - the thought makes me cringe!!) and whilst it felt original and quite humorous, the characters were a little lacking and I didn't feel any emotional connection. It's been over a year since I read it now, and I honestly couldn't tell you any names or relationships or individual storylines. I'm not even sure why I kept it this long.

Michelle Falkoff's Pushing Perfect didn't have anything necessarily wrong with it - a parred-down but quite cute romance, some (underdeveloped) discussion of body image, parental pressure and panic attacks and a pretty good blackmailer reveal. However, I knew I would literally never reach to reread this again and it would be better off on somebody else's shelf.

Cat Clarke's Entangled is my least favourite book from this author, unsurprisingly, since you're hearing about it here! I found it very confusing, actually - there's such a big deal made about the "white room" and all of the mystery surrounding it and the captor, and then the reveal is so anti-climatic. Also, the plot outside of the white room is quite slow and predictable, sadly.

Amanda Brooke's The Affair is an adult fiction domestic thriller, of sorts, I suppose. It's basically about unravelling the mystery surrounding a student-teacher relationship. I'm actually surprised at myself that I ever bought and read this, because it just gives me the major ick.

Mary G. Thompson's Amy Chelsea Stacie Dee is a YA thriller about abducted girls. Again, this is a theme that I've become less and less interested in this year as it's just a bit creepy. From what I recall, this was really, really dark and as I said, I'm just not interested in rereading (or buying, really) that kind of book again.

Jodi Picoult's writing is some of my favourite in the adult genre, but surprisingly My Sister's Keeper, probably her most famous novel, is, I think, my least favourite. I've never seen the film, but I did know the twist, so maybe that's why it wasn't as enjoyable, but besides that I also found the rest of the plot quite slow.

So those are the books I've donated to charity recently, hoping that they will find a better home on somebody else's book shelves!! What books did you unhaul this month? Let me know by leaving a comment down below!

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