Sunday 3 December 2017

Blogmas Day 2: Amy's Top 5 Cosy Christmas Reads!

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Today's post is really exciting - it's written by the lovely Amy from Golden Books Girl and she's letting you know her Top 5 Cosy Christmas reads for the festive season!! You should definitely check out her blog - especially right now, because she's doing a full blogmas over there!! And today, I'm guest posting, so that's another pretty cool reason!! 
Now, though, over to Amy...

j.k. rowling’s harry potter and the order of the phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix- this isn't my favourite Potter Christmas, but as I've decided to keep this list more teen/YA (I'll be doing another list on my own blog, with some MG!), I'm going to include this one. They spend Christmas at 12 Grimmauld Place with the Order, and the hospital scene with Neville is heartbreaking. It maintains the feeling of tension throughout the book, but also serves as a bit of a lighthearted break.

Karen mccombie’s angels, arguments and a furry, merry christmas

This is the Ally's World Christmas spinoff, and it's so much fun. It was interesting to see the crazy Love clan in a prequel, although I'll admit I really missed Kyra from Ally's friend group. The angel subplot is lovely as well, and is phenomenal foreshadowing for a big event later in the main series.

Sienna mercer’s vampalicious

This is the 4th book in the My Sister the Vampire series, which is teen, and I adore it. It follows Olivia and Ivy, twins where one is a human and one a vampire who have just been reuinited, and this book is one of my absolute favourites of the whole series. It's plot shows the twins trying to solve the mystery of their parentage and stop Ivy's dad from moving to Luxembourg and taking her with him, and of course shows a vampire Christmas. Some of the traditions are the CUTEST thing ever!

Holly smale’s all wrapped up

This is the Geek Girl festive special, which as a superfan is so lovely. It's about Harriet and Nick's (adorable, obvs) first date, and it just makes me love them even more. I do sort of wish there were a couple of stories though, as it wasn't that long for the price!

Cathy cassidy’s marshmallow skye

The Christmas scene in this one is super brief, but so cosy I had to include it! It features some twin drama (one of the biggest themes in the book is Skye feeling overshadowed by her twin Summer), just some generally cosy/wintry vibes (there's an amazing sledging scene, now I think about it, just slightly before or after Christmas!) and also a lamb called Humbug.

So those are Amy's festive recommendations!! I've only read the Harry Potter one, but I do have All Wrapped Up on my shelf ready for this year!! The other three books I've never heard of, so I'm definitely interested to add them to my TBR and see if I get around to them!!

Please do check out Amy's blog and follow her on Twitter (@GoldenBooksGirl) and check out my guest post on her blog today!! Thank you so much Amy for this wonderful post!!!

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  1. Thank you so much for having me Katie, and for your fab post! Xx

  2. I liked the Order's Christmas as well. Unforgettable!

    1. I agree!! Amy mentioning it here reminded me of how special those moments are.