Sunday 10 December 2017

Blogmas Day 6: Zoe's Top 5 Cosy Christmas Reads!

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Today's post is super exciting as it's been written by the lovely Zoe from nosaferplace. She also has an awesome YouTube channel, under the same name - check out her videos, they're really fun and relaxing to watch. These are Zoe's top festive recommendations for reading this Christmas season...

Winter magic – an anthology

I picked this book up in hardback last year in the hopes it would get me into the festive spirit and this year I was sent the paperback version by Simon & Schuster and it is my favourite book to get me in the mood for Christmas. It's a gorgeous MG/YA anthology of wintry, magical short stories by some very recognisable authors. My favourite is a short Potion Diaries story in there written by Amy Alward. The Potion Diaries is one of my favourite series (would highly recommend!) and Amy captures the magic of winter perfectly.

David levithan & Rachel cohn’s the twelve days of dash and lily

I actually got sent this from WHSmith as part of the Zoella Book Club and did a review on my YouTube here: I didn't realise this was a sequel until writing this post and now I'm frantically trying to buy the first one - because who doesn't love a Christmassy read? You certainly don't need to read the first to understand the second, though. Lily has lost her spark and things just don't feel the same to her anymore. Dash makes it his mission, that this Christmas, he will find Lily's spark again; no matter how difficult it may be.

Giovanna fletcher’s some kind of wonderful

This book isn't about Christmas but it's set around the festive period and there are some fantastic Christmas anecdotes in here, that I'm sure we can all relate too. I mean, who doesn't love opening risque presents in front of their parents? It's full of love, carols, presents and most importantly - happiness. Lizzy has just split with her almost fiancee, she's been with him for so long, she doesn't know how to just be her anymore. This Christmas, she'll discover herself again. I did a review of this book here:

Dr seuss’s how the Grinch stole christmas

Okay, so this may be a little childish and I'm sure we all know the story but it simply wouldn't be Christmas for me without it - and shouldn't we embrace our inner child at Christmas time? If not Christmas, when? The Grinch is one of my favourite characters of all time - even as a grumpy, anti-Christmas character, you can't not love him. And Dr Seuss captures the essence of Christmas beautifully.
Charles dickens’s a Christmas carol

What Christmas would be complete without Scrooge? Every Christmas, I either read the book or watch one of the film adaptations. There are so many versions of this - you will definitely enjoy one of them, no matter your preferences. I am very much a traditionalist, so Dickens' original version is, of course, my favourite. There is something about this book that fills me with hope. And reminds me, that the smallest acts of kindness can make the world of difference to someone, especially at Christmas.

So those are Zoe's Christmas recommendations - there's definitely some here that I need to put on my TBR, as well as some that I also love. I'd really recommend checking out Zoe's blog, YouTube channel and her Twitter (@zcollins1994). She also launched her own awesome bookish subscription box this autumn, which you can find out more about here.
I hope you enjoyed this guest post as much as I did - a huge thank you to Zoe for writing it!! 

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  1. I adore Winter Magic! It's such a cosy, lovely, wintery book and I love how MG focused it is as there are barely any upper MG anthologies 😊
    Amy xx

    1. The more I hear people talk about it, the more I want to read it - even though I don't usually read any MG at all! X